Easy to use

Cool Turbo Portable AC requires no installation, no consumables and is 100% portable.

Turbo Cooling

Cool Turbo provides superb cooling for 1-2 persons.

Energy Smart

Cool Turbo uses only 210 watts of energy.

Lower Energy Consumption

Cool Turbo uses only 210 watts of energy. That’s less than running two ceiling fans and uses 10% - 15% of energy, in comparison to the conventional air conditioners consume. You save an amazing 90% of your air conditioning expenses and depending on your usage you could save even more!

Smart Energy

Long lasting cooling with less energy used.

During power outages, Cool Turbo functions well on standard generator or UPS. It can also be powered by alternate power sources such as Solar or Wind Power.


State-of-the-art Technology

We are proud of being one of the best portable AC retailers

Using only 210 watts of electricity, with no consumables, featuring no drainage or exhaust and as a portable air conditioner, this small wonder can be placed just about anywhere with an available electrical socket. Cool Turbo is the answer to all your personal air conditioning needs.

Core Values


Cool Turbo insures durability & reliability.


Cool Turbo is made to provide relief from the heat and can operate in almost all temperatures.


Cool Turbo has been designed to use 10-15% energy of that of a conventional air conditioner, causing significantly less damage to the environment.


Cool Turbo is a state-of-the-art portable air conditioner which uses 210 watts of electricity and requires no consumable such as gas or water and has no need for external draining or exhaust.

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